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Honey Badger Gumbo
Topic:budget   Date: 2012-07-07
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This is a bit honey badger, but here is the idea. If you want a quick gumbo-like dish, we made one today as an experiment, and it was good enough for goldloaf. Any chunky chicken soup will do, but we had some Safeway soup that was frozen in a plastic container we got in a 2 for 1 sale a couple months ago. Thaw the soup in a pan with some frozen okra, and add some frozen hot links:


After awhile, the hot links can be snipped with some kitchen scissors:

thaw and cut

Cook for twenty minutes on low and enjoy:


Now, we know that rice is proper, and there are many things about this that aren't proper, but it really does have a gumbo feel, and it took about 3 minutes total time, so that has a very high honey badger factor.

Phad Kee Mao
Topic:budget   Date: 2011-07-03
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I decided that I wanted to make my shit-drunk fried noodle dish.  I went down to White Center and found everything I needed at Samway Market (9811 15th Ave SW).  This rice stick:

My wife doesn't like it really spicy, so I used four chili peppers:

I mashed them with the side of the knife and put them in:
2 T sesame oil

2 T Soy sauce

1 T oyster sauce

1 T fish sauce

1 T chili garlic sauce

1/2 cup of water

I fried up two chicken breasts:

I cooked the broccoli for a bit in the sauce, then added the tomatoes and the thicker bits of bok choy:

After all was cooked fairly well I added basil leaves and the bok choy leaves:

I cooked it a bit more:

I added the rice noodles:

Served in the sun:

Some beer and some of my Prik Nam Pla sauce:

Prik Nam Pla
Topic:budget   Date: 2011-07-02
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I used to work across the street from this small Thai restaurant, and I would eat there almost every day.  They almost always had a condiment  tray with dried chili and a sauce with chilies floating in it on the table, or you could ask.  The sauce was my favorite.  I was discussing this with a coworker, and she brought in a bag of chilies.  This is what they look like.  They are 1-3 inches long:

It turns out that making Prik Nam Pla is as easy as putting chilies in fish sauce.  I found some fish sauce at Seattle Fish company in West Seattle.  I likely could have saved a buck or more if I had gone to White Center, but the sauce looked fine and I happened to be there:

I had some fun with a picture of the fish sauce after I got it:

I like my Prik Nam Pla really spicy, so I chopped up all of the chilies:

I used a pint-sized small mouth mason jar, filled it with fish sauce and chilies, ans used a spoon to smash the chilies into the side of the jar: 

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